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We strive for excellence and 100% satisfaction with your design and performance. We understand the importance of having your website up and running 24x7 and appreciate the opportunity to provide you with best website hosting and maintenance available.
Given the lost revenue and damage to customer relationships that site downtime, broken links, non-current contact info and missing images can cause, we would like to offer you the protection and reliability needed to maintain quality without worry or a pricey budget. A website is the number one resource for information regarding your company, so it is very important that your potential clients are able to contact you and see what you offer all with a click of the mouse.

Dp1 Hosting is $29.95 a month for Everything!

- Your website will be optimized with a number
of marketing search engines. (Examples: Google,Yahoo)

-Unlimited Email Addresses, forwarding and auto-

-Covered with the best protection (Spam, Hackers
and Viruses).

-They will have an up time of 99.99%

-Website monitored daily for broken links, text and
missing images, etc...

-You will receive monthly Visitor Statistics Pages
from Dp1 Design, which show who is looking at the
site, when, for how long, what pages, etc.

-Domain Secure Registration and Renewal Notices

-24/7 Tech Support

Other Hosting =$40-$70 a month w/
additional charges for what
we already include!

-Other companies put basic “Tag Words” and
charge extra for additional marketing.

-Additional email accounts are additional fees

-Hosting goes up and left for hackers to send
spam and pop-ups to your site.

-When any repairs or adjustments are being
made your site may come down.

-Links are not fixed within 24hrs. and if they are, there is an extra “emergency” fee.

-No monthly Visitor Statistics Pages.

-Additional charges for renewal registration.

-Can only be reached during office hours.

All of this is just $29.95 a month! If you already pay someone to host the site and then pay separate charges for updates, its not worth it. This price is for everything and it pays for itself after one use.
If you would like to schedule a meeting in person so I can explain everything in better detail please let me know a date and time that works best for you. I know the website business may seem intimidating, but I assure you it’s a fairly simple process when explained properly and done correctly. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

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